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You wake up as a work unit robot in a neon city, without knowing who you are and what is going on, you are assigned to a mission right away: delivering an anonymous package to a mysterious robot. As you venture out into the night, the story about humans and AI behind this world starts to unfold.

Soul delivery is a story-focused 2D adventure game. The gameplay is very similar to a 2D platformer, you run, jump, explore, but without violence. To be short, this is a cozy game that doesn't require you to be especially reactive.


  • No violence, no shooting and fighting. This game doesn't require you to be especially reactive.
  • Enjoy beautiful 2D graphics generated from 3D models with dynamic lighting.
  • Talk to robots with dynamic options to explore the background story of this mysterious world. Especially the relationship between humans and AI.
  • Explore 4  areas(in the demo) in the cyberpunk city.
  • Solve puzzles and help robots to advance the story.
  • Upload your consciousness to different bodies, wield their abilities(no in the demo).


Hi, I'm single-minded Ryan.

I used to work as a web designer and part-time programmer. Now I'm trying to fake my way into becoming a solo game developer. I have been learning game development and have finished a few small prototypes. Prior to this pandemic, I decided to quit my job and take a gap year to make my own video game. It took me 5 months to finish this demo and I couldn't have done this if it's not for those amazing tools and plug-ins we have at our disposal.

As an English learner, I consider this game to be a milestone in my English learning process. This also means you might find the dialogue to be a little bit off or filled with a lot of mistakes. Please help me improve this game by providing suggestions regarding the language, thanks.


This is demo is still a WIP, which means you are probably going to experience bugs and lack of content in this game. Also, some of the scenes and animations are not finished.


Please join my discord seriver.

You can also support me here:


Youtube Channel


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I liked this game very much but i can't push the box on the button on Crunch street to get up (i am pressing P)

Sorry for my english


That's probably because you haven't obtain the push module yet. Sorry for the misleading message in the menu, I'll add appropriate  indication. :D  


I like it

I really enjoyed the demo! My wife asked me to try it out, and I am very glad I did! I really enjoyed the music and the game was absolutely gorgeous. Very chill and relaxed story as well. Really looking forward to playing the full game!

Thank you Cabadathh! Your walkthrough is amazing!


Loved it sir. Its just amazing. Also sir I would like to request you, though I know you are absolutely busy in making game,but then also please please help me by guiding me into this field. Sir I am completely new here and I just want that someone just guides me in the right direction and maybe in the end I could make a game. 


Hi, I'm glad that you want to make your own games. Game development could be a really long journey. It's very hard to find your feet in the beginning. Please start with something small :)


wow !! so beautiful, can't wait for the full version. well done on creating an intuitive game that is also engaging!

Thank you for your support :D

this would be cool if I could get it on Mac BUT, it looks nice from what I've seen in play-throughs.

Thanks for your advice. I need a little bit more time for the Mac version, it'll be released sometime next month.

sounds great :D

i love it great job!


Beautifully crafted world with an interesting story which you can follow through conversations with different robots. The overall aesthetic and detail is stunning! Totally recommend this game, and can't wait for the full version. 

Thank you for your support, Jenny :D

Heya! This game looks absolutely incredible visually! Can you give me any info about the music? Did you make it yourself, do you have a composer, or are you currently using library/royalty free music?


HI,Thank you, Hurley. I'm not a composer, I purchased all of the music online.

hi developer! I just wanted to post the last part for the demo series I did for your game :)

wow, this is a very beautiful game! nice job :)


Thanks :D

this demo is so awesome i'm so glad i played this, the backgrounds are so pretty and the story is very interesting. can't wait for more :)))))

also, i tried to enter the discord server but the link isn't working :(  

Sorry for the bad link, please use this link, thanks.

thank you :))

how do you download this

great jobs

Thanks, dude.

Wow, this was released just 6 days ago? It's been recommended to me by itch.io several times now, and I see why: It is BEAUTIFUL.

I'm a bit busy right now, but I'm deifnitely gonna' be downloading it to play it later.

Wow ,thanks, dude!

hi hi! Part 2 is up. If anyone is interested :). Ps this game is BEAUTIFUL!


Amazing stream, thank you for you support, Tesseption :D

You're making this all by your self?! That's amazing!!!! It looks so great! It reminds me of night in the woods and oddly enough rachet and clank to  lol. My favorite area by far is China town, I love the color dynamic of the orange and the blue green with obvious Asian influences in design. 

A couple things to note, I did find 2 spelling errors while playing. The first was when you talk to the big triangle robot and right after he re- boots he says something (Can't remember what) and it was misspelled. The second was when you're in china town and you're talking to the robot to use the elevator and you go to the other elevator on the right he says something like "why I'm not surprised" instead of "why am I not surprised"

The other thing is it's super annoying to climb the stairs when you can also walk under them! When you can't walk under the stairs you just automatically walk up them but if you have the ability to go below them you can't just jump onto them at any spot. you have to like walk up to them, jump, and then go up the stairs. Like I would run and jump onto the stairs but go past them completely because I had to be right on the edge of the stairs and jump first. 

Wow, thank you for those amazing suggestions, I'll fix those typos and try to figure out how to handle the stairs thing. Cheers!

Very solid looking game :)

Wow, thank you for your amazing video!


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Sorry, can't say anything about that now :D

All good, pop culture references aside. This game is vibing. Love the art direction.

Thanks, dude. Come back later please, I'm adding more content to this demo.

I just did a little play through of this:

Consider me hooked! I was really letdown when the demo ended because I wanted to keep going so badly, haha. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this game!

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Wow, thank you for your stream! Very supportive!

Ryan you've done a great effort showing players that Cyberpunk stuff could also be demonstrated in a rather adorable way. Credit all yours man! XD

May I have your contact info so as to propose a business inquiry?

Sure, do you use discord? If u do please add me:  SingleMindedRyan#0919

Ryan, you are making an awesome game! I have no words, I'm very excited to see the full release.

Thank you for your support :D

This is a beautiful game. I love the art and soundtrack.

A few typo's I spotted in the dialogue:

"Reciver" (Recipient)

"Anonymouse" (Anonymous)

"Hay" (Hey)

Thank you! Very helpfully!

I really like the direction it takes. Walking around and having conversations reminded me of "Night in the Woods".

I really loved the established mood and the atmosphere. Lo-Fi music with a rainy city in the night is such a comfortable thing to feel. The characters and the city look fantastic.

Great work so far, man. Good luck!

Thank you! I do love "Night in the woods".

I'll add more content to this game :D

Great moody game, Ryan! Thanks for the demo!

Some typos I noticed:

"weak up" (wake up) at the first screen.

Vanture out (venture out)

a easy job (an easy job)

tunel (tunnel)

no more question (no more questions)


Wow, very helpfully, thank you! I'll fix those in the next update :D

I'd like to get in touch with you. What do I need to do?

That's sweet, please join my discord, thanks.  https://discord.gg/ryu4nV

Amazing game dev :D 

Thanks, dude, I'll update more content in the next few weeks

This is amazing!

It looks beautiful.  Great work :)

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Ryan,i wonder what software you used?And yes,the game's amazing!


Thanks, Dude.

This demo is made with Unity, Blender and Spine2D.

Wow This looks amazing!!!

This looks amazing! Keep it up :D

If you need someone to help you with proofreading or translations (EN/ ESLA) I'd love to help!

Hi Ryan, I enjoyed the demo of your game a lot so far! There were a few typos in there but the game was really enjoyable overall! I especially enjoyed the message if you attempted to jump off from a great height.

If you need any help with proofreading or similar stuff as you continue developing the game, I'd be happy to help you out! I'm definitely looking forward to more progress in the game and story and playing future versions in any case.

Thanks, I really need some help with proofreading since my writing skill is very limited :D

I loved this demo! The graphics were exceptional and the controls were easy to grasp despite being a little different than what I'm used to. The story was really interesting and I liked how every character gave you snippits of the bigger plot at hand. Absolutely in love with this.

Thanks, I'll do my best to keep updating this game.

This looks amazing! Do you have a Twitter one can follow you for updates and more lovely art?