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The greatest demo of all time 10/10

Fix The FPS checker system It so annoying .Let the player shoose what FPS they want to play .Lag is nothing if you are a true gamer so pls remove the FPS (graphic) checker system

hey, I have the same thing but how do I play the game without the message popping up and forcing me to go to the main menu? 

hello there, i've played your game and I have to say that i love it. the graphic and art are so good, but there's an issue you need to fix. there's a message that says about my graphic card or something and the only button I can press is  main menu. 

when I press the windows button and get back to the game, that message appear and i remember there's a robot that trigger the message when i finish talking with him (or her). i guess this is the robot.

for the message itself? sorry, when i try to talk to the robot again, it works as intended and when I try to press window button and get back to the game the message doesn't appear. i guess it only appear when you're still at the beginning of the game. 

The art and the graphics of this game is out of this world. WONDERFUL!! 10/10!!



Je viens de finir cette démo, ce jeux est incroyable je veux voir la suite , très bon je le recommande 

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I'm about to try this game :) Hope it's enjoyable

Edit : I enjoyed the graphics, I thought it is 2d or maybe it is but it really gives the illusion of being a 3d. The conversation of bots/characters is also well written. I had fun with my first 10 minutes of the game. I'm gonna continue playing and update my impression......................................

This was such a fun and interesting game. I can't wait to see more of it.


I don't know if this is a bug, but every time i start the game, it always says that "The average fps is lower than 30 you need to set your settings into a lower resolution/quality" or something like that... But the game is running smooth and nothing is really wrong

This Is No Joke One Of The Best Demos Ever I Really Enjoyed This Game And I Give It 10/10 You Can Hear Me Crying Over How Good The Game Is Throughout The Video XD Enjoy 

Loved the game. Can't wait for the complete game to come out.

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imma try it look nice

edit: played through it its fun and i want to play it if it out at somepoint

I just played the demo, the ending made my heart race, it looks like our little robot has a big adventure ahead, I'm looking forward to the release!

I got 94,7% completion rate! I still need two more objects from the collection: the first and the sixth ones. Where can you find them?

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How do you get the key of the robot's house? I can't find it!

Edit: I found it, it's behind the last machine at the 80's arcade location. (You have to get the ability to push things)

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Such a well made demo. soundtrack was amazing, I liked the concept about uploading bodies as well, and the graphics are top notch. Love the stylized graphics. Runs smoothly too. Can't wait until it's fully developed! Wishlisted <3

Thanks my friend :D

Good game. There is a problem when changing resolution in the settings, though. Everything disappears once I do it so I have to reset the game for it to be applied.

I hope you didn't completely drop the game


This game is soooo good! I loved it!

I liked the trailer and the parts that I could play but I couldn't play the full thing as it was only up to 30 and It wouldn't let me play anymore. If you can get more compters like mine to play I would love to play it again! This game really caught my eye!!

I loved it. Beautiful scenery and world building, fun story and interesting characters and plot. Really intrigued me to go further into it.


Oh, this is really gorgeous. The City always needs more cyberpunk! 

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Hi Ryan. I posted a gameplay video of your game on Twitter, and it is getting some major attention. I put together a write-up on my website: You are doing truly fantastic work here, best wishes.


Amazing visuals and interesting story. I like the way the lantern sways in the wind, the rain and flickering lights. Overall awesome demo.


THIS GAME IS SOO CUTEEE, but when will you upload a 32bit pc version?

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this game is gorgeous! i actually love love love it. very athmospheric and sooooo cozy to play. keep it up developer! waiting for this one to finish and will definitely looking forward for your next masterpiece :D

This is beautiful. The atmosphere of the game, the story and the music all blend perfectly. I am looking forward to getting the full version of the game and playing through it.

Thanks for your feedback and Merry Christmas :D

The game looks really cool, I really wanna test it out, but unfortunately I am in a Linux OS device.


Having a great time playing the demo! I am a publisher from China, wish we could have a discussion for this game!

This game is amazing, I like the graphics & story but please, let me run it above 30 fps, because my pc is not very good specs, sometimes i should back to main menu because not run it at 30 fps, Thank You...



32 bits version maybe?

This game has a lot of potential. The music is great, the visuals, the story all fit so well. Definitely waiting for the full release.

amazing game! waiting for the complete version!

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i'm very sorry to complain, and i know that this does not apply to most people, but my computer is not the best, and it can't run the game above 30 fps, but i would rather play a slightly laggy game, than not be able to play it at all, but that doesn't seem like an avalible option :/ . Once again, i'm very sorry to complain, i just had to say something. Other than that, it looks like a very cool game, and based on the visuals of the first 6 seconds, this is already at least 4 stars :)

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Amazing Game

Art - 11/10

Game Play - 9.5/10

Story - 10/10

Just Waiting for the full Game to be released.

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Wow! If i was a robot i'd sell my overclock crystal to buy the full version of this game x) Can't wait for it to be released! it has stunning art style and the story got me hooked from the start to the end. Best of luck with the rest of the development of the game!

A very special video game, I really can't wait to try the final game. I really like that there is no violence in the game world and the low fi music makes it a very nice place to be in. The visual style and conversations are fantastic, do you plan to have decision making with different endings?

When I first play this game, I was amazed by the music and the graphics. I'm a little upset that my computer doesn't fit this game:( I really want to play this game later!!! 

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