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I'd love to play it, but I can't. Frame Rate is "below 30 fps". I don't have a graphics card m8. I think I could definitely play the game and enjoy it without it being at or above 30 fps. I think my frame rate is about 20 or more, but less than 30. Oh well...

really love this game, sadly if i don't ppress anything the character runs to the left wich ruins everything :

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That stupid FPS limit won't allow me to play this game.

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this game is absolutely gorgeous, the way the art style and the animation go together with extremely well made backgrounds and music is simply perfect. It's also pretty calm with a good story to back it up, things like this is why I got into programming in the first place.

It's a very cool relaxing game! I love the grafics and the story, every single part of it is so beautiful, It's super fun! I hope it gets ready fast so I could play the full game. Hope i can suport the project on patreon soon. congratulations dev!



i really like it,very good game,im gonna play it very often when its finished,and also i am says that i need atleast 30 fps and i need to lower my resolution,i lower my resolution,but its still said that,i dont know what to do there.probably because i played it on labtop and not pc.....but anyways,very good game,the art,the gameplay,the music,its really good





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i can't play the game bc when i get to the far right were the robot under the floor it says i cant play cause it says i need at least 30 fps to play :(


I tried this out and this game is phenomenal. The gameplay is awesome, the art, animation and characters were SUPER. I can't believe this is made by one guy. And although you say you are still on your way to learning English, there was no weird dialogues or whatsoever. The world is also amazing. Its a very beautiful game indeed. Last but not the least, my most favourite part of this entire demo, the MUSIC. The music in this game is so beautiful. After playing, recording and editing, I kept listening to the soundtrack. I love it so much that I would like to request for the soundtrak itself XD. If its not too much for you. A solid delivery robot/10. Can't wait for the full release :)

Thank you! People have been help me with my English since I finished the first version of the demo last year. I really appreciate it :D


Absolutely LOVE IT 

This was a beautiful and chill game

This game is AMAZING, I want this game to play more. I love it !!! Everything was more than perfect. Keep it up !!!! :D Finished it please !! and please set a good price on your game because it deserves some money on it! you really deserve every penny !! and time and love :D

Thank you so much for your support :D

I'm glad to heard that you had a good time playing it and I hope you are doing well these days.

I'm still working on it, it takes more time than expected, but I'm determined to finish it no matter what :D

yeaahhh !! please finish it :D   this would be one of   my favorite games !! ;) and good luck and take care!! ;)

Neat demo, very pretty. I did fall off a platform once through no fault of my own and had to walk literally halfway across the map and back to get back up there, and the dialogue is generally in need of some proofreading, but overall a nice experience and I’m interested to see what the full version brings.


It is a game that invites the player to think about certain aspects about human consciousness and that of AI. Many of them related to culture, gastronomy, religion, life, death, ...

Could a machine take consciousness or feelings? Something has aroused the curiosity of our character to look for the girl who sometimes appears near him, especially because there are no humans in that place.

Other aspects to highlight are the gameplay (keyboard and mouse / controller), the music and sound effects, the graphics and the way in which it is developed.

Excellent work!

love the game. smooth gameplay and great graphics. keep up the good work.

Best indie game I ever played. Pretty cool graphics and storytelling, and almost no language mistakes btw



Somehow, my player always keep running to the left when no controls is pressed, Might be a bug. The game is great, well made, specially the graphic. Very stylish and blend perfectly with the story and the mood. Great work!

hola me sale que tengo los fps por debajo de treinta y no me deja juga

visually stunning

A beautifully presented game! after 45 minutes I was engrossed. It just goes to prove that no violence is required to make a game captivating. I look forward to seeing more of this!

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The graphics are so good..

Such an awesome game so far. Love the art style and can't wait to see the story unfold.

Looking forward to the full game.

I wonder about the body at the end...why was it empty? OOoooh.

 I feel it's rather sparse on challenge - is it meant to be more like a visual novel? 

art style and color palette is amazing. well done.

this game sick, well made


Ein Spiel in der die Menschen verschwunden sind und es nur noch Roboter gibt? Wie könnte ich das abschlagen. Hat mir viel Spaß gemacht und da die deutsche Sprache noch nicht unterstütz wird habe ich es übersetzt. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr euch mein Video anschaut.

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I turned down the music but during the play it automatically increased

I am not gonna lie when I saw this I thought of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Detroit: Become Human. This is supposed to be a compliment, both of those games are great.

I actually love Detroit: Become Human very much, such an amazing game!

That's sooo pretty omg... You're a freaking legend Ryan.


how enter on the door?


This was an amazing game

Nice Work 


Sorry, I can't share it to my friends, because i don't have any :'(


That's sad dude


It's ok, I don't need friends with this beautiful game!


just finished it and it was sooooooooooo goooood

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